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Uniform Packages

Uniforms can get a bad rap for many reasons but as we all know, uniforms have been used in dance classes since the beginning for good reason! Uniforms can help instill a feeling of inclusion in your students by making sure everyone in the class is dressed the same, they can help your instructors identify placement and technique issues from student to student, with a quick glance across the classroom and they can serve as an easy outfit for showcases and small shows ensuring no new dancewear, shoes or costume needs to be purchased for every performance.

Talk to us today about how we can help with

  • Savings on package deals for uniforms for every type of class
  • Making sure every student gets the proper fit and style easily
  • Bringing uniform fittings to your with our mobile shop THE DANCEMOBILE

Uniform Package Prices start at just $50 head-to-toe and are available in every size from Toddler to Plus Size Adult and every style from Ballet to Jazz to Acro!

Costume Alterations

Make show season easy on you and your staff by booking our expert in-house seamstress to come to you for all your costume alteration needs! All we need is a little space in your studio, an outlet and a pile of costumes! Gather up all your costumes and give us a call to book a time. There are no fees for this service, we just ask that you gather as many projects as you can for one visit to make the best use of everyone’s time!

Custom Group Costumes

Can’t find exactly what you need in a catalogue? Can’t find the style you want in the right variety of sizes? Let us make them for you!

We limit our custom creations to groups only (6 or more) to keep our manufacturing rolling smoothly. From the simplest designs to the craziest creation, we can do it all. Even if you just need matching leotards in a colour that is hard to find in retail stores, we can do that!

If you require solo/duet/small group costumes, we would be happy to recommend one of our partner costume makers to help! We only recommend the best!

Studio Branded Merchandise

Our partner service Print Happy Merchandise can take the stress out of sharing studio pride. Your dance families will love the ease and speed of ordering team gear for the whole family with our Team Gear Shop.

Get your studio’s own personalized online shop, carry only the products you want to offer, get kickbacks on every purchase, offer personalization choices for your dancers and all with ZERO FEES!

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