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The dancewear world has overlooked the needs of recreational dancers for far too long and we say


All of our designs are rooted in the belief that every dancer deserves to have affordable, comfortable and inclusive dancewear, no matter what age, size, colour, gender identity or style of dance. Every piece of bodywear and costume basics we create is crafted right here in the great city of Toronto and is carefully designed with gender and size inclusivity, comfort and cost in mind.

Every product we offer is unisex in design and available in every size from a Toddler 2 to Adult 3XL

We also offer a wide array of services and products just for Studios to try and make your lives easier and help your dance families save.

To all the recreational dancers in the world; We See You.

To the dance parent who can’t fathom spending big bucks on your tiny dancer’s first class; We See You.

To the adult dancer returning to the studio after a very long break; We See You

To the trans and non-binary dancer looking for a place to belong; We See You

To the teen dancer who just wants to go to class and have a good time; We See You

To the plus-sized dancer who wants to feel as fabulous in their dancewear as they deserve; We See You

And to all the Dance Studios out there giving their best for every dancer under their wing; We See You

To every dancer out there; We See You and we want to help!