Classic Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slippers

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Brand: Dance Happy Dancewear

Classic Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slippers are a staple in any dancer's wardrobe. Soft canvas uppers form to your feet and the split suede sole allows for accentuation of your arches. Double crossover elastics are pre-sewn for convenience and an elastic drawstring allows you to perfect your fit around the shoe opening.

Split sole shoes are recommended for toddlers under the age of 6, before beginning regular technique work, and for teen and adult dancers whose feet are strong enough to be ready to start pointe work. For students between 6 and 14, a leather full sole slipper may be more appropriate for training. Please always check your studio's shoe requirements before purchasing a particular style of shoe!

Product Details:

- Canvas upper

- Split suede sole

- Elastic Drawstring

- Pre-sewn crossover elastics

*** Dance shoes are required to fit properly for safety and performance. Please be sure your instructor approves your choice and fit of footwear before wearing to class. This item is not returnable if wear marks are visible on the sole. ***

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